Manual M-Series Coaxial
 Microscope Stages


SBS120 Stage shown on stereo microscope base

SBS120 Stage on Leica HL Base for MZ Stereoscopes

  • High quality manual control stage for use with most stereo microscope bases with or without internal illuminators 
  • Special thin cross-section places sample mere millimeters above light source opening for improved lighting effect (especially for darkfield mode)
  • Sample holders available for slides, petri dishes, well plates, and other small parts. Custom holders can be made on request
  • Unique hardened steel friction drive for backlash-free operation proven to last much longer than rack and pinion systems
  • Bearing slides use hardened steel precision ball bearings for smooth, free running, consistent travel




SBS120 Stage, 120x75 X-Y for Transmitted/Reflected Light Bases, Horizontal Metal Knobs


SBS122 Stage, 125x80 X-Y for Transmitted Light Bases, Drop-Down Knobs


    1) Stage adaptation to most stereo bases available (see p.20-21); for microscopes not listed, please specify make & model. In some cases, base must be sent to our factory for retrofitting.

    2) For standard sample holders, please provide specifications. For custom sample holders, please provide a drawing and/or sample.

SBS122 Stage

SBS122 Stage


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